´Ě»Carol Wyatt, a professional musician, has chosen a very difficult terrain on which to plow fallow ground. She has bravely targeted the hearts of the people whose souls have been bombarded with fear, anger, and hatred in Jerusalem, the Holy City, where David sang his psalms and played the harp unto the Lord. Like David, her "weapon" is the international language of music to touch the hearts of the embittered, the disenfranchised and those without hope. Here, where the very rich heritages of Arab, Jew, and Christian cohabitate and many times collide. Here is where many can be reached through the medium of music. Now she is scoping out a centrally-located base of operations which can serve the multi-purpose of a residence, a music school, and ministry headquarters for teams of musicians. No project will be too small or too large. Plans for programs will be varied: concerts may feature classical and chamber music, Israeli music and folk-songs. These programs can be given in concert halls, retirement homes, schools, soup kitchens, one-on-one and open-air locations. Special concerts for Holocaust survivors and Olim (new immigrants) are high priorities.

"From our "headquarters," we will be dispatching musical teams to bring joy to IDF, soldiers, to the elderly, to refugees, schools children, and to those suffering most amidst the present turmoil. Music is a great door-opener to comfort hearts and souls regardless of race, creed, or national origin, bringing peace to many through the tool of music."

Vision for Israel